Studio Policy

“Life is like a piano…what you get out of it depends on how you play it.”

– Unknown


Our musical season will begin after Labor Day and run through the end of May, and will include 36 private lessons and a possible group activity. There will be the traditional school holidays of Winter Break, Spring Break and Thanksgiving. Students will be given calendars for Fall, Winter and Spring Terms listing special events (if applicable) and holidays.


The curriculum will include various elements of musical development: theory, technique, repertoire, sight reading, and music appreciation. An individualized course of study is developed for each student based on the Piano Syllabus developed by the Oregon Music Teachers Association. Preparation is included for anyone who wishes to participate in adjudications.


Tuition includes private lessons; preparation of individualized curriculum; selection of music and related materials; use of supplementary music, books, recordings; scheduling and conferences.

Tuition is pro-rated into equal payments due by the 10th of each month, September through May. Please remember this commitment; no statements will be sent for tuition.

Enrollment includes a commitment to study. One month’s notice and tuition will be required if a student withdraws, to allow for a replacement to be found. Every effort will be made to make up lessons due to extended illness, otherwise a missed lesson will only be made up if a time is available during the week of the absence. This time is reserved for you and regular attendance is expected. There will be no deduction for missed lessons. Plan to arrive 5 - 10 minutes early to be sure the lesson starts on time. A lesson cannot be extended over your allotted time, so it does not interfere with the next student’s lesson. Please request a week in advance if a conflict requires rescheduling.

Additional Fees

A statement will be sent at the end of the month for music purchased for necessary books or for any required entry fees if needed. .

Goals and Guidelines

I ask that students be on time to their lesson and that they always come prepared with the required repertoire they are studying, as well as all other necessary materials.

With emphasis on positive attitudes, every effort is made to help each student do the best they can. This will include developing concentration, poise, self-confidence, goal setting and time management, along with their musical skills.

Consistent practice is necessary for musical growth and it is important to have a time set aside each day.

It is a huge advantage to have an acoustic piano, and the piano should be located in a quiet room. It is important to have a metronome and music dictionary, helpful to have a recording device, and essential to have short fingernails. Students are encouraged to listen to good music and to share their music with family and friends.

To Parents

A Parent-Teacher conference will be scheduled during Winter Term. Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome anytime. If parents need to talk to me throughout the musical season, I encourage them to email me. By working together…student, parent, teacher…we can work towards our goal of building a solid foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.